Ship transfer and multi-crew switching

Saturday 20th August, 2016 Comments 4 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
It looks like Frontier have a few more things planned. The first being the ship transfer system. This will allow you to move your ships from another station. The service wont be free but I could see it being very useful to commanders with multi-able ships all dotted around the universe;

The next thing planned called multi-crew switching. This basically means you can either fly the main ship, or take over control of the ship-launched fighter; beware that your main ship will still be vulnerable. However with the AI piloting the other ship, it wont be a sitting duck. How good the fighter will be is remained to be seen but may be able to provide some kind-of of support to miners/traders.

And lastly, Frontier have teased use with a capital ship dock. Hopefully this might mean we will see more activity with capital ships;

News picture 147

So it looks like v2.2 is going to be a huge update to the game; even the UI has been over-hauled too.


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