First contact made

Friday 6th January, 2017 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the past day or two, an alien space craft made first contact. This happened when the commander was jumping between two stars with some unknown artifacts aboard. The craft then seems to scan you for something, after-which it flies away. The ship looks similar to that of crashed ones already found, but in much better state. Unfortunately I am not in a position to cover the story directly (as im around 22,000ly from the human populated area). Id thought ill tell you about it, as I felt you would be interested (if you didnt already know).

News picture 170

I would link to some youtube videos, but tend not unless given permission by the authors.

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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 months ago
Unfortunately I havnt been playing as much either. I guess its mostly due to Christmas and that. I guess Frontier wanted to start the year with a bang Smile
FishHook avatar
FishHook  •  2 months ago
I haven't played in a while, maybe its finally time to start back up again. Hopefully I haven't forgotten my controls and won't boost into the dock and explode.