ED database troubles

Thursday 6th April, 2017 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the past few days you may of noticed problems with the Elite Dangerous data, reported by mx_3 on the forum. On further investigation it appears our EDDN listener was running 3 days behind. So whilst the data was correct 3 days ago, it wasn't accurate. So last night I reset our EDDN listener, but this would not fix the problem.

As you know the Elite dangerous universe is huge, featuring over 100 billion systems. Since its release (over 2 years ago) still not every star-system has been visited. EDDN is very powerful tool and allows third-party sites to collect a lot of information about this universe.. maybe too much (for my site).

Over time Ive seen the database grow pretty big - even after many tempts to optimize it. The root of the problem is that the amount of systems/objects you have to deal with. The more data to deal with, the slower things will get. When I had look at the data, I discovered around 85% of it is about systems was outside the human bubble 1,000ly from either Sol or Colonia. This meant around around 2,227,078 systems could be deleted, bringing our count from 2,615,296 to 388,221. This huge reduction will improve things massively, and will not effect things much, as most of these systems will unlikely be revisited. However things like the Trade-helper should see huge improvement.

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The Elite dangerous database dropped from 1.7Gb to 659Mb (a reduction of 1.1Gb). I have also changed some of the code to stop this from happening in the future. If more human bubbles are added in the future, I can update my code to add them. If you could let me know if everything seems okay now, that would be great. Hopefully a 1,000ly from Sol/Colonia is enough to cover everything. Sorry for the troubles, hopefully its all fixed now.


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