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Friday 16th June, 2017 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
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For awhile I have been wanting to help out Elite Dangerous community, so today I went through youtube; searching for content creators with less-than 6,000 subs. In my travels I found quite a few channels out there, some which could do some major boost. I went for 6,000 or less, so I could include some of the more known creators, but excluding the very large channels - as those ones already have a strong backing. I wanted to help out those smaller channels, as I know I can be very hard work to get a channel/website going from the start. So hopefully you wont take offense if your channel is listed below;

CMDR PLATER (5,629 subs)
Great youtuber, does information video and live streams,

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Mini (5,218 subs)
A funny if not a little crazy, this guy who does various game-play/information videos. He also does a Sunday live stream. Well worth a check.

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Down to Earth Astronomy (3,834 subs)
Great information videos, tips and guides

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GametechUK (1,746 subs)
New live ED streamer, help out a new commander learn the ropes of Elite Dangerous. Jason is learning very quickly.

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Oddball1975 (1,621 subs)
An unusual channel; proceeds from ED content go-to supporting a UK cockerel rescue center,

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MT Superstar (1,359 subs)
Help, information and tips

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CMDR Na'Qan (1,188 subs)
In this channel, ships are tested in combat. See how ships fair in battle.

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Roguey (1,062 subs)
My own channel, that covers ED stuff (such as guides, help and tips). I put this here, as I could always do with the extra subs. Shameful plug I know :p

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Canonn Radio (625 subs)
Recordings of things, could be an interesting channel,

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Ricardo's Gaming Channel (614 subs)
commentary/scenery videos

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Paroxsym (569 subs)
Good live streamer, responds to comments/questions.

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JesterArke (561 subs)
Live streamer, need to check out his stream more

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VariXx (71 subs)
Streamer with low subs (could do with a few more visitors),

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Andy_G4M3R_Muza (58 subs)
Commentary on gameplay footage,

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CMDR Tea_Rex (38 subs)
CMD Tea_Rex has started to teach his Girlfriend to play Elite Dangerous. How will the two fair? will it turn into many arguments on the way?

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Jag's Tech World Gaming (30 subs)
New live streamer. This guy could do with some help and advice.

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CMDR Peregrinus19 (23 subs)
Pre-recorded stream, looks promising,

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I have also created a small video on the channels, which can be seen below;

Hopefully this has helped a few youtube channels grow. If you have a channel that I have missed, please let me know below thanks.


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