Huge alien site discovered

Tuesday 27th June, 2017 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Last night a new discovery was found; a huge alien site. The site can be found at HIP 19026, Planet: B 1 C, Coordinates: -17, -151. The site is so huge that it can be seen from orbit.

News picture 210

Some commanders believe its a crashed ship due to its shape, but if this is the case it would mean its hundreds larger than a Anaconda or Thargoid (scout) ship. It dwarfs any commonwealth capital ship by at least twenty times. It could even be a base of some kind?

When you get closer to the site will notice there is movement. This is because there are a bunch of alien scavenger drones patrolling the area. These drones do not shoot you unless you attack them. If you do decide to attack a drone, it will drop either an unknown wake-area, ship signature, technology component, carapace or energy cell. These can be picked up and stored in your data or inventory storage space.

News picture 211

But thats not all, there also appears to be a bunch of unknown uplink devices. You can scan these with your buggy to gain unknown structure data and material composition data. There appears to be a lot of these around the site, some even in caves which open if you have an unknown artifact onboard. These caves dont appear to too deep unfortunately. After scanning the uplink devices you will get a little message too.

News picture 212

So there appears to be quite a few things to collect on the site, no doubt for the engineers at an later date; for the time being you cant use them.

Another odd thing is if you go to exit to the main menu or the game (at the site), you will see the following message;

Are you sure you want to quit to the main menu?
You are currently in a dangerous region. For your own safety your vehicle will be moved outside this region when you return. If you do not want to be automatically moved please move your vehicle out of the dangerous region

I guess this is due because your equipment can be damaged from being near the site, but this is first time ive seen such a message.

I would highly suggest checking out the site for yourself (in mobius or solo, open will turn into a PvP soon). I have created a video on the site, shown below;

[Update 1] 4 more alien sites have been found. One of them being active at HIP 14909, Planet: 2 A, -26.44, -27. For the active site you will need an Unknown probe and a Unknown artifact.

You can find Unknown artifacts at HIP 17403, Planet: A 4 A, Cords: -34.96, -141.37

as for Unknown probes you can find these near-by Pleiades Sector KC-U B3-1, Planet 8. So far I havnt found one myself, as the spawn rate seems very low.

[Update 2] More sites have been found, currently known sites;

    [*]HIP 19026, Planet: B 1 C, Cords: -17.9526, -152.6844
    [*] Aries Dark Region DB-X D1-63, Planet: A 7 A, Cords: 25.94, 77.96 (Megaship)
    [*] Pleiades Sector OS-U C2-7 Planet: : 4 A, Cords: 58.21, -177.04
    [*] Col 285 sector CV-Y D57 AB Planet: 4 A, Cords: 4.78, 136.27 (Megaship)
    [*] HIP 14909, Planet: 2 A, Cords: -26.44, -27.47 (Active, Can get a link without probe)
    [*] Mel 22 Sector ZU-P C5-1, Planet: 4 A, Cords: -63.5, 8.02 (Active)
    [*] Mel 22 Sector NX-U D2-27, Planet: 5 A, Cords: -39.8, -56.2 (Active)
    [*] Mel 22 sector NX-U D2-31, Planet: 3A, Cords: -51.8, -109.9 (Active)
    [*] Mel 22 Sector YU-F B11-1 AB, Planet: 5 A, Cords: -52, -5.68 (Active)

ps. Unknown relics can be used in the alien machine but it acts violently.


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