Odyssey launches today

Wednesday 19th May, 2021 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
In a mere few hours, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches today. The new update promisses to bring a wealth of updates include the ability to walk around planets and stations.

Hopefully everything goes well, and the servers dont die. I hope much progress has been made during/after the alpha stage. I felt personally the alpha was some-what lacking - and required a lot more work. The short release date didnt leave much time either (maybe Frontier were holding back content?). Anyway, ship interiors wont be coming at this time - I know many commanders were keen this see this feature. I must admit it would be great to be able to walk around your-own ship; checking out the various subsystems, browsing your cargobay or spacewalks.

I also hope the performance is a lot better too, in the alpha 10-20 fps was common (on planets/space-legs).

You can preload the game now but have atleast 65gb ready, and the servers should be online shortly. Frontier have of-course a new trailer for Odyssey;

I hope you all have fun out there commanders! o7


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