[Solved] NPC ship stuck in shipyard?

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clock 3 years ago.
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My situtation is:
Plot URV station is under constructing, and the construction vessel was been blowed(myabe by enemies).
I know how to change a general construction vessel into plot construction vessel which by edit the save file.
But a NPC Arawn stuck in DV shipyard for over 10 game hours, that make me impossible to buy a construction vessel.
So, any methord to get that arawn out? Or just get rid of it?
waiting for advices

Due to ego forum, I've finally push the NPC ship out.
Here is the way:
1. Open save file, serch the stuck ship's macro-name: http://roguey.co.uk/xrebirth/ships/
2. Comfirm the following connection must be "dock". My stuck arawn such like:
macro="units_size_xl_capital_destroyer_1_macro" connection="dock"

3. Check sereral lines up, find code like this:
type="build" state="waitingforresources"

4. Under this line there are seveal lines about waited wares, such as mine:

ware ware="bioopticwiring" amount="598"
ware ware="energycells" amount="1940"
ware ware="foodrations" amount="930"
ware ware="fusionreactor" amount="112"
ware ware="holtzmanfieldgenerator" amount="318"
ware ware="microchips" amount="578"
ware ware="plasmaflowregulator" amount="146"
ware ware="reinforcedmetalplating" amount="424"
ware ware="scanningarray" amount="340"

5. Change all amout number to "0" (Zero), save and load the game, the NPC's stuck ship finally finished building and get out.

clock 3 years ago.
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I have this problem with a Scaldis owned by pmc and it appears finished in game. the ship is stuck in a capital ship bay in albion, shady vault. its not listed as waiting for resources, or in dock. there is no npc because you can't call the ship captain in the game.

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