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keeping ut's from going to certain sectors??

Posted 7 years ago.

I read somewhere t hat you could, I think, set certain sectors off limits to your UT's/ST's. Is this t rue and if so how do I do it please?

Posted 7 years ago.

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I am not sure it is possible in vanilla TC. I can't remember if that script is included in the bonus pack. But for AP: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=311446.


Blacklisting function for Trade Command Software MK3

Default MK3 Blacklisting

Mk3 traders are able to maintain a blacklist of sectors that they won't pick as destinations for any flights. With this blacklist, they also avoid having two or more ships fly to a station for the same deal (as only one ship ever makes that deal). All sectors and stations are only locked temporarily, and will unlock again after a few minutes.

Blacklist Manager

The Blacklist Manager is an plugin to the blacklisting system, that gives you the power to add your own sectors and stations to a permanent blacklist. Stations in the blacklist, and stations in blacklisted sectors, will not be picked as targets for trade runs.


Opening the Manager
The manager can be started from every MK3-trader's ship command console. First open the command console and scroll down to Additional Ship Commands. Then, select 'Start MK3 Blacklist Manager'. The Manager offers the options to add sectors and stations to the list, remove them again, and to view the automatic blacklist that is managed by the MK3 trading software.

Adding sectors and stations
To add an item to the blacklist, select the corresponding menu entry and choose a sector/station from the map that opens then.

Removing sectors and stations After selecting Remove Item, you can choose the item to be removed from the current list. Note that you cannot remove items from the automatic list, as those entries are being managed internally by the vanilla MK3 software.

Automatic blacklist

You can only view, but not edit the automatic blacklist. If you select a station or sector from the menu, you get the chance to look at the sector map, to get an idea of where the sector/station is and if you can spot enemies nearby.

Posted 7 years ago.

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The game says Universe Traders are supposed to avoid hostile sectors automatically, but I keep getting warnings of mine wandering into Teladi sectors where pirates attack them. I believe there was another thread I read on here where they said the UT's will create temporary "Black Lists" so the other UT's will avoid places where ships are known to get attacked. It is only temporary, though, so by the time my ships decide it's safe, the pirates or Khaak are gone and some Yaki or Xenon are conducting raids now.

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