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Turret Control for Boarding

Posted 7 years ago.

Is there any easy way to hotkey a shutoff command to some turrets, but not all of them? Either I decimate my target ship or my marines get fried.

I'm using the Split Panther to remove shields, then the Argon Sirokos to launch pods.

Posted 7 years ago.

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Not that I know, although when I used to board ships I used a single Split M7M. I would fire out the hammers (to bring down the shields to like 10%) using L (on the keyboard), then use flails to do the rest and to hold the shields down until the marines were onboard. Launching the marines was easy, as you just select boarding-pod and launch, then fire a few flails to counter the shield recharge.

That way you have a lot of control on things, without relying on the AI.

Posted 7 years ago.

I have only done boarding with s m7m split cobra fast and tail guns. Only way to board my hyoerion following donid mdm protecting me from missiles. Couple of faild fac and a hamner factory. I use mardaer s.hipyard mod. To get boarding i have taken two csp. Ships at once hard to do but it was a test to see if i could.

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