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How do factories own freighters  

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Elsenor Level badge

Posted 8 years ago.
Hi Roguey and all,

Have purchased two factories and created a HUB in the WALL. I now need to buy another factory but base it in another sector. How do I ensure that the freighters will know which factory is there home base. I have searched through the manual but cannot find the instructions. Can you help Gentlemen.

Thank you for all the help you have already given me.

The Old Man.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 8 years ago.
hi there,

It sounds like you need to set a home base for the ship. It sort-of means who owns the ship. Once you set a home base, then you can issue Trade->Buy ware for best price, Trade->Sell ware for best price, etc. then the ship will work for the station or ship (ships with docking can be set as home bases).

You can set a homebase by going to command console of the ship, then scrolling down to Home base. When you press enter on it, youre be asked which station or ship you wish to set as home. ie:


Hope that helps,

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