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Trade helper mk2  

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Roguey Level badge

Posted 4 years ago.
hi there, awhile back some of you guys took a look at the trade-helper mk2 and said it didnt seem all that good. However since then a lot of it changed, so im wondering is working like before? or has it improved? Today I added the option to filter out outposts (encase got a big ship), and changed some of the internals. Hopefully the improvements to the range has helped too (it used to struggle with 30ls). Hopefully you seen improvement in its load times (>0.4 vs less than 0.1)
oldfella54 Level badge

Posted 4 years ago.
Hi Roguey,

An initial question for you in light of the results I've been getting from both Mk1 and Mk2 ... and I think I saw the response in another post but can't remember which one, so apols if you've already answered.

Do you automatically ignore commodity data older than three days from the queries? If so, is it a problem to include whatever data is present even though it may be old? The onus is on the player of course understand that whatever commodity data is displayed may be either slightly or a lot out-of-date.

As well as using the data for direct profit calculations I use the Mk1 info to generally find out where within a system I can find product "x". For example - "I want to buy gold within 20ly of Sol" - its not so much the price I'm interested in as the location of a product seller ... as that may be indicative of the type of economy etc as well as the actual product price. If data over 3-days old is excluded then this general type of query won't work anymore.

Its already tripped me up a few times. I remembered a particular system sold a product but not which station. If I run a Mk1 query and get no hits 'cos the data is a little old then I miss the location.

Once I realised I can take it into account - but it would help if old data was incorporated! Smile

I realise you may be limiting the amount of data scanned to minimise the volume of returned data/runtime of queries - especially in light of the issues a couple of weeks back.

Any thoughts?


Roguey Level badge

Posted 4 years ago.
hi there,

well the mk1 version should show data upto 3 weeks ago, which surely is long enough? I had one of the numbers wrong in where can I buy/sell ware x, which meant it was only showing them for past few days. It should now be 3 weeks, like the best deals. The ships for sale and black-markets have no maximum date set for them.

Ive just expanded the mk2 data cut-off to 7 days (but will be keeping an eye on it) - hopefully a bit better. As you said, in the past ive been a bit cautious about extending the length due to the problems. Since then there has been a lot of optimization, its probably 10-30 faster than its original form. For most users they dont care about things like that. It used to struggle with the 30ly range, now it can do 75+. However I feel there needs to be a cut-off somewhat - are people really going to travel 100ly+ to do a single trade run?

One question ive been meaning to ask is how accurate does the data need to be? do trade-offers change every 5mins? hour? day? as the traffic light system at the moment works on;

- Green = 3 hour or less,
- Orange = 2 days or less,
- Red, more than 2 days,

So any advice on how much the data changes would be very useful.

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