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clock 2 years ago.
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Egosoft has had great Linux support for a long time and X Rebirth is not an exception. Linux version is going to have an Alpha/Beta version soon.

: "Just a bit of heads-up as well as a warning;)
We're gonna publicly release the linux build very soon.
It's a really early build, so there will be quite a few things missing e.g. joystick support, anti-aliasing, ssao (full list coming soon).
There will be some graphical differences/glitches, however in some areas there are improvements so it's not all bad:)
Performance in my testing is a mixed bag (varies between bit better and much worse).

clock 2 years ago.
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Absolutely great start. The game is running nicely already and I was able to delete Windows version and switch to SteamOS much faster than I excepted.

OpenGL-version is not going to be second class citizen but first one if everything goes fine. Egosoft is planning to move their engine over OpenGL on all platform, Windows included. I definitely would like to see this happening more in gaming business; OpenGL and Vulkan.

clock 1 year ago.
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I might check it out just to see how good it works in linux. It's just hard the way the game plays to me. Stuck in one ship with horrible company is not much fun.

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