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[ED] equipment list - removing wrong entry

Posted 6 years ago.

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It seems as if entering zero(to remove some.. equipment from the list) does not fetches the correct entry.

For example:
I added fuel tanks(outfitting page) to station Coggia Hub.
Selected fuel tank,changed size/class to 5c, typed price and added it.
Same for 4C-4C-2C-1C.
Decreased the size once more(from 1C to 0C), was about to type 1.000 when I saw this error(there is no size 0 tank) but automatically hit the add mark.

To delete this stupid entry i just set the price to zero and hit the add button again.
The list was shortened by one line but instead of the 0C entry the first 5C entry was gone..

Also in Swahili I was unable to remove the Hull Reinforcement Package 4A (should have been a refinery..)

Posted 6 years ago.

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hi there,

looking at the code it wasnt checking the class and rating, just the item type. So when updating say the fuel tank, it wouldnt check the class and the rating, just adjust the first one it finds. This has now been changed, and fuel-tank 0C has been removed. I guess its best to check both class and rating?

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