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Keep coming back to Rebirth occasionally (the music is nice...) but getting quickly frustrated. Currently stuck with insufficient funds to buy the Assassin Drone to continue the main plot. All I want is a couple of quick and easy passenger missions to make up the money. However unlike TC there seems to be no quick way of checking which station has missions on offer. There are no obvious icons on the stations or above the various docks and coming the Manager gets nothing either. Well I managed to find one mission which was supposedly shooting the locks off some boxes but blew that one by managing to destroy two out of the four boxes.

Is there an easy way to find generic missions that I'm missing, or is it really down to the tedium of flying round and bumping into every nook and cranny on a space object to get these to show up?

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Little update (if anyone's reading). Managed to find a few missions, mainly more of the locked box variety. These are actually quite lucrative because even if you fail the primary mission there's a host of wares - mostly illegal - you can sell to traders on stations, assuming you don't get busted on the way in. I just made @400k (as opposed to 40k for the actual mission) selling plutonium dioxide and still have a load of blank id cards to get rid of. That should pay for a few upgrades to old Skunky before coming back to the main plot.

I do wonder when you read reviews etc. of Rebirth that part of that is because people have just been following the scripted plot (which is very much in your face in that respect) rather than going off and doing your own thing in the early game which was, of course, always the way in the previous titles. That's not to say there isn't a whole lot else wrong with Rebirth but I am starting to get a little bit of entertainment out of it at present.

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It is good to hear your getting some entertainment out of Rebirth. I didnt reply early because I havnt been following Rebirth at all - so cant really suggest much.

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I've now moved across into De Vries sector which does look more like "space" as opposed to being in a large underwater world. I think it helps if you approach XRB more in the manner of Freelancer which was also very much plot driven with the side missions and levelling tied to where you were in the main game, as opposed to a traditional X game. Whether this was a conscious decision by the devs or it just turned out that way, I don't have the insight to say but if the game was originally conceived for the consoles that could explain a few things.

Downloading and printing off a system/star chart has helped a bit with orientation.

I still need to work out trading though I get the impression reading the excellent guide on this site that the main tutorial comes at some point in De Vries.

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There are no obvious icons on the stations or above the various docks

- BigVern"

This reply comes a little late so it might not help now but just in case, the above isn't entirely correct.

Whilst mission icons do not appear over docks, they do appear on the stations. However, if there are not many available, they can be hard to spot from a given location since you'll need line-of-site as they have the same/similar visibility conditions as dock icons. Basically, flying around stations is needed to find a range of missions in vanilla. The excellent Mission Computer mod puts all from the zone into the sidebar though if you are not in vanilla.

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