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clock 2 years ago.
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Having finally got my Cut Crystal fab supplied and producing, I was wondering how you transfer profitses to the player account. There is an option to boost the factory funding, which I had to use several times plus supply a freighter to get it up and running, but I can't see how to set up auto transfer as you could in TC. Am I being a numpty here or is there some obscure function I can activate to get my money?

clock 2 years ago.
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They automatically send you money back after they have more than 150% of the amount you gave them.
If I give my manager 1 000 000, he will automatically send me 500 000 when he reaches 1 500 000.
Unless, they changed something. Then I don't know.

clock 1 year ago.
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I wasn't sure what the percentages were (thanks!) but I don't think anything has changes with them lately.

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