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[ED] Update data available on the website  

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Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I used the website a lot for the trade data from long ago and decided to sign up recently to store my ships build and such. Wave

But I encountered many data that aren't up-to-date :

For example :
Shields like the prismatic is locked at a maximum of Class 6 whereas it can go higher.
Module Reinforcement Package aren't implemented.
Power groups management is sometimes necessary for some builds but isn't available.

Description of the Orca is wrong like MajorTorpeda mentioned :
but... they are passengers missions :o
as it states :
The Orca is a kind-of passenger carrier without any passenger missions in the game at the moment.

Maybe there is more inaccuracies Undecided

Could there be a way to let us update some of this information or help you improve some of the features available ?

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
hi there,

the best way is to let me know in the forum. As you tell, the site is rather big for me to manage completely. I have now added the missing prismatic shields, updated the orca description and added the Module Reinforcement Package. Ill have a look at adding power management to the build section too.

I am also working on a new system map (but ill have to see how that plays out).

If you do have any ideas, just post them Smile

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
Thanks for the updates !

Prismatic Shields seems glitched, now I get these options : 1A-6A-6A-6A-6A-6A-6A-6A

I realized that I should have post this thread in Website Suggestions, sorry about that.

If you need some help to bring the power management system, I would be glad to provide you assistance, either coding or just algorithmicly.

By the system map you mean http://roguey.co.uk/elite-dangerous/universe/ this feature ?
How do you manage to locate a system ?
Do you have its coordinate or you use a trick with the distance from another main system ?
I was wondering that, as it has a 2D representation for 3D data.

How can we help you update the trade data ?
I saw that some stations/outpost/planetary-bases have different update time so I guess you pick the data from a DB but I didn't look from were.
So do we have to download an add-on to keep this DB up-to-date ? (is that Thrudd's or another one ?)

Sorry for all that bunch of questions and if my English contains errors.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
oops, sorry about the typo with the prismatic shields - it seems I forgot to update one of the numbers whilst copy-n-pasting. My bad.

I have moved the post into the correct place on the forum (and updated the title to make it easier to follow).

as for the power-management, im thinking this might be a feature just for the builds area. As I dont really want to make the share-link longer by adding power-management numbers (some of the links are pretty long now). Hopefully that will be okay? atm im not sure how I will fit it in to be honest.

as for the map, its converted into a flat 2D representation. The idea is to change it into a 3D map, but I have to see how it performs, as it may just require extra resources and be slower to navigate than the 2D map.

The database is updated from the EDDN, which updates all the big sites. EDDN doesnt supply all the information, as things such as distance from star isnt provided. I will hopefully be adding black-market support soon.

You said about coding? do you do much php/mysql?

I also plan to a bit of upgrade to the forum as well, since ive upgraded my home test server. Its nothing that special but allows me to work on the site without effecting the main site... well, unless you count that day I deleted the whole ED database (I had two windows open - main site and home server, and deleted from the wrong window Cry ). I normally keep backup's, but it took me 3-4 hours to put everything back.

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
Changing the share-link format by adding such a large feature could bring up some errors, I don't really know you chose to parse you string.
As the saved builds get their own ID, I think it's a fair idea to lock it only to this section. It won't involve any problem to share it.
Do you think you can store the builds into their creators profiles ? So they can get a list of their own builds without having to search for it.

To fit it, I propose you to unlock it in the edit page (builds pages), this way people won't be able to access it where they have the share-link (ships pages).
Maybe a simple button in the form with a range from 1 to 5 to dissociate the groups ?

In my opinion this management is really important as if your power plant is destroyed, you'll still be able to have your firsts groups using less than 50% total of energy.
For example : first group is 20% and second is 10% and a third at 30%
You'll still have your first and second group available
As 1st is lower than 50% and 1st + 2nd is lower than 50%
But not the 3rd as 1st + 2nd + 3rd is higher than 50%

I don't know how you made your 2D map working but if you require to rework it entirely to get it in 3D, I suggest you to use webGL or three.js technologies.
While writing this message I found this website http://ed-map.eu/
I think you should look into it, maybe ask its creators if you want any advice from them.

I'll look into EDDN to help this community have up-to-date data from the stations I'll visit !

I got my IT degree last year, so if I can be of any assistance you know how to find me Big Grin
Though Web Technologies is not my favorite part, I think I can manage to get through it

Backups always save life.
I don't know if you heard about recent gitlab issues ? Their system crashed and their backup system was unable to retrieve any of them. Meaning that none of their user can get any version dated before this event.
So I know too that feeling to loose many valuable backup, as many of my project were stored there.
I liked a lot gitlab as you can create private project were only selected people could access it whereas the other main git sites ask you to pay for this feature.
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Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I can add a link to the authors build page, but I am also thinking of doing some work on the build and profile section as well. Maybe some-way people can customize their builds rather than a long list. To regards of the power management, I agree something simple, like 1-5 should work well.

as for the 3D map, its work-in-progress. Ill post a picture when its a bit more developed. It based around the one in-game. I did want to add a filter option too it, but ill have to see how things go.

thanks for offering to help, but usually its easier for to work by myself normally. Its not that I dont want advice and suggestions, those are always welcomed. Its just that ive been busy with things, including a theory test and trying to finish off triple-elite. So havnt had so much time, plus time to myself. So hopefully you can understand.

I didnt hear about gitlab problem, that must suck for a lot of people. atm, I have a copy on my pc, another on a test-server and a removal drive. Just some arent quite as up-to date as another. In the past ive lost whole sites because the host deleted the site. So I learnt to keep backup's. Never rely on one source.

The test server I built recently is;

- X3360 Xenon 2.83Ghz Quad core,
- 8Gb DDR2,
- 500Gb WD blue SSD,
- Seasonic 600w,
- Onboard graphics,
- PCIe x1 gen 2.0 SATA 3.0 card,
- Windows 10 pro,

I knew some say it should be linux server, but I find windows easier to navigate. Its an old system, but didnt cost much to build - all in like £80 (without the SSD). I got the SSD so I could remove a old raid, lower power and quieter (encase the system stays on over-night).

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I learned it the hard way apparently Cry

What year is it ? How did you find such primitive hardware ? The SSD must feel lonely Big Grin

I won't argue about Win/Lin, as I require both but each for a different purpose.
It's each individual who has to decide which to use.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I learned it the hard way apparently
- Oxidire

what was you referring to? the lost of data? or coding?

What year is it ? How did you find such primitive hardware ? The SSD must feel lonely
- Oxidire

I thought £80 for a quad-core system (including windows) was good. I know the X3360 is a bit on the old side, but still only half the power behind a modern quad-core. I could-of saved some money by using a dual-core; E8400. I didnt want to spent 100's of pounds on a test-server, which I have no idea how much it will be used. Mb/cpu/sata card came from ebay, the rest was just laying around. I know the SSD was over-kill for that system, but I felt it might be useful elsewhere in the future. I wanted to keep the server stuff separate from my main pc. It would of been nice to build another X99 system, but its the cost. The SSD runs at around 450Mb/s, so not bad (and still much faster than the four dying 500gb HDD's I had at the time). Its built to be a server, so no GPU apart from on-board (which was better than I expected). It is old hardware, but good enough for playing with the site without effecting the main site.

I won't argue about Win/Lin, as I require both but each for a different purpose.
It's each individual who has to decide which to use.
- Oxidire

In the past I had Ubuntu on it (with 2x 320gb). I can see why some people use linux, as it more stripped down and less bulk. It took me ages to get it all up and running - ie. things like getting FTP, access writes, etc. I managed to get the system up and running within a few hours with Windows. Not that windows is the best thing ever, just easier to manage. Remote connection is helpful too.

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
It was about the lost data.
I learned coding at the University so it's not the best way either, only if you don't practice after classes. So if you are curious and interested it's easy to learn.

Xeon are very powerful for servers working on a huge data flow, so I understand your choice. It's just LGA775/X99 is getting pretty old now, and DDR2 too. But I guess it's a good compromise for this range of price and the purpose chosen.
You don't seem to have a bottleneck for your SSD which is perfect.

The problem with linux is that if your configuration is too rough or strange for your distribution you'll have a really bad time to get it work like you expect it to. I personally enjoy configuring my distributions for laptops, this way I'll know why my battery is depleting.

That's maybe why you prefer Windows as everything is configured for you and you don't want to loose your time on that part Big Grin

I'm personally having a bad feeling about Win as I have to reinstall it every 3 months or such to keep it healthy and is extremely heavy on both memory (Drives & RAM). But I guess I'll have to endure it, if I want to play without using any VM ^^
And no I don't download toolbar or any other sh!*s ...

Some linux distributions can be really heavy too, as you mentioned Ubuntu is one of them. But it's a ready-to-use distribution so I don't know why you had trouble configuring your 2*320 GB.

So for me it's :
- Archlinux : Work (programming - 3D animations - server management)
- Windows : Gaming

I'm hesitating to buy a RaspPi and check what I could be able to do with it. But there is so many upgrades that are interesting ...

And I guess I did finally argue about them Big Grin

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I guess thats the trouble with digital stuff, its so easy to loose a ton of data in mere seconds. What sort-of languages did you learn?

As for the system, I know its a bit old but for the price it will do as a test-server. btw X99 isnt that old - you can fit that 10-core cpu in it. X99 is about the most powerful hardward atm, maybe zen will change that; who knows?

I wasnt having problems with the hard-drives, but configuring the LAMP software. Sometimes I was blocked by user permissions, not knowing the operating system, etc.

as for the site, hopefully ill be able to start doing work on it over the weekend now. I did wonder people would find black-market data useful? its something I been meaning to add for awhile.

as for the Pi, I didnt think they cost much? so might be worth a try?

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
I would say :
Unix/Bash 8/10
C/C++ 8/10
Java/Python 7/10
No knowledge can be 10/10
My learning was aiming on software and application, less web oriented as you did.

I wasn't talking about X99 all alone but for a 775 usage.
What's Zen ?
I'm still with my 3770K from 3-4 years now and I didn't look much into anything else than i5/i7/Xeon in the 6XXX gen.
Actual config :
MB : MSI Z77 MPower
CPU : i7 3770K @4.2Ghz
GPU1 : EVGA 980ti Hybrid - Main (not SLI - 3D render in no time, but 1080 makes me drool every days ...)
GPU2 : MSI 780 - Physx dedicated (not SLI)
RAM : G.Skill 2*8GB DDR3 @2400MHz
I saw that you run ED in 4K you too must have one hell of a PC.
I ran it in 5760x1080 until one of my screens recently died ...

Black-market data Nod
When a resource transport mission glitch it's nice to know where you can sell the ""stolen"" cargo easily.

Pi by itself is not that expensive, it's just that if you want to buy, let's say sensors with it, you'll have to deeply look into it to find exactly what you need.
Yes I'm totally fussy I know that already Sad ...

What do you think about a Community Goal reminder or an how-to for those who needs uncommon materials ?

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
hmm.. sounds like you know a few different languages than me, as had to learn HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Mysqli for the site. Im no expert at them, as still make mistakes. I dont know Unix, C++ or python that well. I really dont get on with C++ at all.

Zen is AMD new architecture, which is supposed to rival Intel (about time)... but we have to see how that goes. It should be out in the next couple of months. Hopefully it will make cpu's a little cheaper, Intel's 10 core is stupidly over-priced.

as for your system, that does sound pretty good. I had to SLI my 980ti, so I could run 4k at 60hz. 4k is pretty demanding as you know. My main system can be seen here (basically its an 5820k@4Ghz, 64Gb DDR4, 980ti SLI). I did also build a 6600k for my dad later on. The test server is just a mess around system, so I didnt want to spend much on it. Does the 780 help much being an physx dedicated card?

I just want to say that you might see me replying to other posts first, the reason is that adding features you ask for takes a lot more time and effort. So please dont feel like I am ignoring this post. I plan on doing a lot of things with the site, the first being the ship pages. On the test server you can now over-clock the FSD drive - basically see what you can get from an engineer. Is +60% optimal mass the best you can get? Ill have to see how I can get the power management stuff on there next. I guess in some-ways it will be frustrating to hear about these updates without actually seeing them until they are done.

The areas I plan to update are;

- Forum design/fix page thing,
- ED ship pages,
- ED build pages,
- ED black market,
- User lists,
- Profile pages,

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
Well Zen looks fine from what you say, it would be perfect if the heat distribution is corrected from all the previous models .......

64GB Eek *drool*

On 3DMark benchmarks I feel that I have a better score than without. I'll do another round this week-end to give you my scores if you want.

So please dont feel like I am ignoring this post.
- Roguey

I'm not feeling that way, as we are on a forum you can take your time to answer accordingly.

I don't really know what's the maximum upgrade for any engineered as you can get the "second boost" (right panel buffs).

That's a good start to upgrade all of this !
I think there is a glitch in the way the forum counts pages as in the Elite Dangerous board a topic has 4 pages but they are displayed as 1, 2, 4, 4 and the 1st 4, links to the 4th page.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
Well to be honest, 64gb is over-kill for just about everything. However I wanted to fill the board up whilst I can.

Anyway, here's a look at the updated ship pages so far, although things may change before release;


You can even try increasing FSD range, much like the engineer.

ps. I noticed that thing with the forum too, another thing to work on.

Oxidire Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
That's nice, I like it Big Grin
I hope other people will appreciate your efforts too.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 2 years ago.
That's nice, I like it
I hope other people will appreciate your efforts too.
- Oxidire

Glad to hear. I have managed to keep the share-code the same, and add priority to it. So it will be possible to share builds with equipment and priorities, and keep the old codes (without priorities) working as well.

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