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[ED] Update data available on the website

Posted 4 years ago.

Commander, ready for report on power management feature :
Shouldn't have a priority :
- Bulkhead Re-enforcement
- Reactor
- Fuel tank
- Cargo racks
- Hull Reinforcement Package
- Module Reinforcement Package
- Others ?
- Ship/cargo hatch should have a priority

Works : http://roguey.co.uk/elite-dangerous/ship-builds/id-XXX/
Doesn't redirect well : http://roguey.co.uk/elite-dangerous/ship-builds/get_build.php?id=XXX

Posted 4 years ago.

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Yea, I agree that some items shouldnt have power management. So I have removed bulkhead, fuel-tank and reactor from priority option, and given hatch an option. I also noticed a few issues with the share-code which should be fixed now.

as for removing power management for internal compartments, that may be more complex - as certain internal do need to have power management. This would make the share-code vary in size, which would lead to all manor of problems.

I have also written an external rewrite for get_build.php, so its redirected to the correct address.

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