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Give us your gripes

Posted 1 year ago.

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Hey folks, so the game just released and we gotta work on finding out everything about the new universe but that'll probably be on another thread. For this one, I wanna see some of the things you guys dislike about the game so far. Its an X game so we all know about the stellar learning curve the games usually have.

One thing I'm really not liking right now is the pop-in. I'm trying to fly here in a brand new computer with enthusiast grade components and i'm having asteroids and stations pop in practically in front of me. the stations aren't a big problem, but when i have an asteroid pop in a few km away while im in travel speed, it can get hairy

Posted 1 year ago.

Well they already patched a couple of the bigger problems I had with the game.

Right now the AI is still horrible. I mean, Bill Cosby horrible. Pathing is a nightmare, combat AI is stupid and your turrets aim like Mr Magoo without his glasses.

I see many simple scripts with the AI that flat out break over time. Automining works for a few runs, then my pilot starts spinning his ship like he is in Jita IV-4 and bored.

The universe seems a little small, but at the same time everything feels less connected. Maybe over time that will change.

Overall I really do like the game itself, and can't wait to see the future.

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