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Creating: New Map Data & KeyBinds PDF  

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Shealladh Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
I am starting a new Map Data creation, with SVG/Vector based PDF with each area.
Just wondering, while I do this, is there any of this data you can use Roguey?

My Idea and aim atm;

I am also creating a custom KeyBind PDF that will include Layers to show/hide Default Keys and then also allow people to click and ADD their new or Key Choice.

Just wondering if there is anything anyone is wishing for me to add while I do these?

Map sheet and Data;

First Step: Create a map square with hexes that are colour coded and numbered to easily find a location.

Some map Hex have a Pink, Red, Blue borders. What does the pink, for example mean?

Inside each of the areas, there are X number of hexes, and is handy to see them all colour coded, say red as Minerals within those subhexes.

Was thinking if you're using the website to do the same, or building a DB with this data and so on?

When you're in an area, using Scan (Shift+2) use also get to see a 3d version of the asteroids around that range. Note sure if these are random as per player or actual base?

While I'm thinking of it, is there any other Data, Pictures, and so I can give to you while doing the above?

Shealladh Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
as an after thought, maybe some of this you may wish to use for your Guides section?

BTW: Edit post is showing, you cannot modify someone else's post :/

Roguey Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
so, you are creating a pdf of the X4 universe? How will you get data into the pdf, manually or can you code something into the pdf? I always thought pdf were just for documents - sorry if a little confused.

Shealladh Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
PDF's are just documents, but you can do some cool stuff with them if you know how.

You can place data in a excel, for example, and pull it into tables and the like.
I use illustrator and create the vector graphics then put them in a PDF. I can pass on these as SVG for example if you want them.

I just though pics and other stuff that I find I can pass on to help out here if you like as well. Just not sure what you're after.

Sorry if this didn't come across the best, was posting while at work Wink

Roguey Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
no worries, I was a bit confused myself - as I thought PDF had to be static pages. It sounds like you can do a lot more with PDF than I thought. So you are going to make the universe map in PDF, will you be using the game files or creating it from images? as for the SVG files, well the site creates the maps from the game files, and javascript (which could be rescaled etc). Im interested to see what you make,

Shealladh Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
PDF are mainly static, you can use a lot of JavaScript to add function. It may be a lot of work though to get the "whole" Universe map in PDF.

That said, am creating some temp blank maps to begin with, maybe as a placeholder for those who want to plan their station, or maybe use for notes etc.

I have never looked at the games' files, so mostly from images maps/taken and s o on

Maybe there is a way to have the PDF map populate from a script linked to the game files, this would be a cool way to auto update them maybe.

For example, being able to show the area in which is covered by asteroids, mine fields etc. I was down in Atiya's Misfortune and there are a lot of Mines around that are nearly invisible. Not sure, but if you could use the game files as you explore and remember the last "map" of when you travelled through would be a boon.

Sadly, I'm no programmer by any long shot.

If you have some thoughts or wishes let us know, I always like to attempt something new to try.

At the moment, figuring how I can link these things together and how it's all done, then what we can do with them. It would certainly help if there is a way to "see" the map data, however, I don't even know where to look and what I'd be looking for *blush*

Aside from the above, one thing I thought of last nigh, what if we could have ship diagrams and show the # slots, which slots are used, etc. I took down a Xenon Destroyer in my Eclipse Vanguard (took some doing) but they have a blind spot and you can kill each shield, weapon etc., one by one if you know where they are on the ship you're attacking. Hence the idea of ship schematics/diagram, say something like WWII bomber/fighter visual guides.

This could be expanded to the various stations, as you can see where each element is, shields, turrets, comms, etc. and when one is attacking them, these are handy "advance" surveillance information.

They way I see these being done is like a silhouette and then Slot Squares showing on the underneath, top, side etc. Just a thought Wink

So going back to the SVG and Game Data, could you use SVG underlays on the website for the hexes (with their colours) and then use the data as x/y points or at X/Y pixels?

ie. using <iframe src="mySvgImage.svg" width="200" height="200" > or <img src="/svg/circle-element-1.jsp"> or maybe;

div {
background-image: url('my-svg-image.svg');
background-size : 100px 100px;

Use could even use these elements as ICONs and manipulate via CSS, a JavaScript API, etc.

This is how I was thinking of making the first map, basically an iframe with vectors that you can zoom and because it's vector, gets more and more details. I have yet to try, but seen many animated SVGs where you can have key frames for the state of the image, think of keyframes as if it were a video, it then jumps to the "display" frame as you need too. Saves a lot of raster imaging etc.

For some of what I mean as working examples, have a look here;




All just theory and ideas atm, let us know what you thought are and in the mean time I'll work on some tests.

Roguey Level badge

Posted 1 week ago.
hi there,

thanks for explaining about pdf, as only ever use them for lookup - so I dont know much about how they work. Im surprised that pdf can use javascript - is a cut-down version or anythinng?

as for the universe map, that does sound interesting - although not sure how javascript would do it all. Although the more I learn about javascript, the more it seems to be able to do. However creating the universe maps from gamefile could be very hard. It was a nightmare working out how the jump-gates destinations.

You said about ship diagrams - so you can see where the various equipment is located. That would be a great idea - although would that mean they would have to be in 2D?

I never really looked at SVG before, but I can see them being very useful. How do they handle click events? ie. if a box is moving etc.

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