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Marine training // Return abandoned/stolen ships

Posted 1 year ago.

Cross posting this from Egosoft, might get a bit more visibility...

Hello all,

When might I expect to start seeing bigger ships for the above mission types?

All I seem to get offered are the return abandoned ship mission types with only M3/4/5 or TS ships. I'm maxed rep with all factions, X-Treme trade rank, and 62% into Crusader fighting rank.

Also, with an abandoned ship mission that spawns a TS, am I right in thinking that I can't use my M7M's to launch boarding pods at it? All I get is Betty complaining of "This ship cannot be boarded." Should I try the space walk approach with a TP? The ship is blue and unclaimed, should perhaps it be red? How can I make them red if so?

...and are the return stolen ship and abandoned ship missions both light bulb icon mission types? I'm not getting many of them spawn, and haven't come across a stolen ship mission in a long time. Although I am still moving around from sector to sector looking.

I'm trying to level up my marines to 100 fighting in preparation for Xenon capping. I've tried multiple times with my marines that are fight rank 80-100, but not all 100, and it's just a slaughter when trying for a Q. I did cap 6 pirate capitals last night with the same team though, but don't want to destroy my pirate rep too much.


EDIT: My game is Vanilla v3.3 with just the official bonus pack installed.

Posted 1 year ago.

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How many marines you training? IIRC Xenon capitals need 30 - 40 marines for a decent chance of taking the ship. Pretty sure the minimum is 21 for an ideal case. One way I trained marines was with the assassination missions. Once they start spawning capitals its basically free training. Since this is AP, another thing to do is board M6s that spawn in station protect missions with a M6 of your own (once you get to higher combat ranks, M7s will spawn sometimes multiple), not as fast but it is fun.

Have been considering starting up another long running AP game. Not like I have anything else to do!

Posted 1 year ago.

Big grin

I have *cough*:

226 marines at 5 stars(100 skill level) in Engineering, Hacking, & Mechanical

Of which, 19 so far are also 100 in Fighting.

With a further 16 in advanced training.

I did a station defense mission this morning before leaving for work, in Ringo Moon. My first one with the intention of capping anything capital that came through the gate. A Pirate Carrack and about 7x M3/M4/M5 fighters came through.

I was in my Hyperion as usual, and jumped in my Cobra with a "jump to me" command. The Cobra has a further 2 Sirokos following it, with a Griffon set to protect the Cobra, and my Panther Raider loaded with Spitfyres also set to protect the Cobra.

I'm trying to level my marines in waves, so that the highest fighting levels are next in the roster for deployment, with the All star marines back at my HQ safely tucked away in a TP, docked.

Once my M7 capping armada was in place, I sent my Panther off to actually defend the station being attacked, with its FAA turrets set to only attack fighters, and the big guns set to off.

I hopped into the Cobra and targetted the Carrack. It was quite close at only 15km. I immediately hit it with a 50x Flail barrage and it turned to engage me. I turned 180, matched speed, and drew it away from the station, I'm just out of range of its guns, and I continued to Flail spam it until it got to 0% shield. I had problems here because the RRF ships in sector were also hitting it. I sent in the grunts and they all landed, and all cut through around the same time.

As it was a Pirate ship, it was an easy cap, and all my Marines made it to the core and the hackers hacked it successfully. The Carrack ended up with about 65% hull remaining because of the RRF ships attacking, so I sent it to the Argon Prime shipyard where i'll probably just sell it.

So a successful boarding op, and I think I got 10 of my marines up to 100 fight skill on this mission. Which gave me the 19 in total.

What was weird was that as the Carrack turned green, 8 marines jumped into space. I thought these were my team, so I ordered the Hyperion to "Collect all astronauts." It turns out that these were the marines on board the Carrack, I didn't scan it before attempting the hack, I will in future!

I picked them all up, and they weren't all that great in skill, and then jumped them over to Argon 148 to put them into long term training.

So I'm going to try this tactic again. Apparently you don't lose Pirate rep when doing defend station missions.

Posted 1 year ago.

To answer your original questions.
TPs can't be boarded, they have to be claimed via spacewalk like all ships below M6.Boarding is for M6 and above.
As for return ship missions I recently had a Tiger and even yesterday a Thresher.
Again you don't need to board them just spacewalk and claim them,transfer some e-cells and jumpdrive and send them away.remember police will show up when the time expires.until the ship is either sold or get destroyed.Ther will however only 1 wave of police ships, they will not shoot you unless you are flying this ship personaly amd if you do not shoot back you will loose no rep.
Also make sure you leave the races space after the ship is gone so you loose no rep either.
The way I do it is I usually send the ship in the Yaki shipyard at Senators badlands, when the police arrive the Yaki are making a short work of them, I sit just a few km away and watch the show.After the last police ship is destroyed you are free to do whatever you want to do with it.
The ships that spawn are random so you just have to check frequently enough for this kind of mission and pray for good rng.8)

Posted 1 year ago.

Thanks Darrund.

However, my queries aren't about the actual claiming of ships, I've been doing that in game for a long time. Smile

It's more about using these missions to level up my marines. Can I use my marines to spacewalk to an unclaimed TS even if it's blue on radar ?

I appreciate the clarity about using M7Ms against other ships, and that only M6 and above can have pods launched at them. That makes sense.

Posted 1 year ago.

In short no.
Only M6 and up can be boarded not TPs or TS but to be honest I haven't tried TM's since forever.I think I had done that in X3TC but that was ages ago since I haven't played for the last 6-7 years (now that I think of it may be more lol) and only recently restarted X3AP after X4 was released.
Seems are a bit different than I remember them especially with boarding.For instance just yesterday I had my 8 maxed out (good fighting but not 100, but, 100 in everything else) marines kicked in the butt by the ARAN which I found and my hyperion marines failed to cap (hmm defenceless ship that kills your marines lol)
I have to try this with my M7M (Yaki ship (ouch but it was cheap and I had no credits at the the time,on second thought I still don't, since its a brand new start) but at least it got me the Hyperion which I am using now.
I do remember when my 20 fully trained 100 in everything marines could cap pretty much anything from my Tiger (even some Xenon capitals at first but then it changed and I had to use more than 30 to even remotely have a chance to cap them).
With the latest AP and TC versions I am using now it looks some things have changed in boarding as far as casualties and rep loss are concerned.
However back to the topic, may be TMs can be used as practice targets but I would try caps instead.It doesn't worth trying for smaller ships and accept whatever kind of losses you may encounter.

Posted 1 year ago.

I capped a Pirate Caravel TM in Maelstrom the other night. That was with pods from an M7M.

It was a difficult cap as well, as it had docked fighters that launched against me when I started to take its shields down. I killed all the escorts, and then used wasp swarm missiles to keep the shields at 0% while I sent 8 marines in.

I only capped it for its blueprint. Smile

Yeah, I'm back to X3AP after X4.

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