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Shilden says hi

Posted 1 year ago.

Hello everyone!

I've joined this forum because I've been looking for good ol' space sci-fi game, and have been diisaappointed by several titles I tried. One of my friends recommended me to check out the X series, I bought X4, and here I am! So far, I'm still a little bit... lost, but from what I've read, it's normal.
And because of that, I created an account here, so that I could read what you guys are talking about and finally learn more about this game that looks fascinating but is still wayyyy too unknown to me!

Posted 1 year ago.

Hi Shilden,
Check out the X3 games, they may be getting on now, but, they are still some of the best space sims out there.
Can highly recommend "X3 Terran Conflict" and "X3 Albion Prelude" you need Conflict to run Prelude as it is an addition to the game.
As with all these sandbox games, you can get out there and do what ever you want and there is plenty of Mods, cheats and little addons around for it too.
Happy Gaming

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