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No longer getting Rep increase...

Posted 4 months ago.

...when killing enemies near stations.

So, still killing enemies of stations, near friendly stations, but not getting any reputation increase. Not sure when it stopped, but the highest rep I currently have is 27/30. I have tried everything I could think of short of starting a new game or messing with the savegame file. I have all available licenses for Argon Govt & TerraCorp, but none for Albion or DeVries, yet all have stopped giving rep. I take missions & kill pirates, nothing. I fly around & randomly kill station enemies & nothing. I don't know what happened, but they don't ever say, "Thank you for sorting out our station's attackers" or "Here's your credits, I don't know if the station would have survived without your help.", nor any of the other lines they used to spout ad nauseum. Any ideas?

Posted 4 months ago.

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hmm.. its sounding like you max out the title for the time-being? not sure to be honest.

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