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Roguey, about the Crusader/Chieftain

Posted 3 weeks ago.

They might have changed it, but when I looked at them at Jameson Memorial on the 29th, the shield slot they were offering for the Chieftain was a 6 and the Crusader didn't have a size 6 slot. But that makes sense, the lower slot to compensate for the fighter bay capacity.

And I was just teasing you about the pronunciation :p I'm allowed, I beta tested with you LOL

But yeah, at the time you possibly did the video, they might have changed it after. But you were showing the Challenger in the video. Its the sister ship to the Chieftain not Challenger... although.. to be fair.. They were all made from the same mold. Challenger, Chieftain, Crusader. The Challenger is the "smaller" of the 3. Has a shorter max jump range as well. I'd heard of someone outfitting the Chieftain/Crusader to get 33Ly jumps but the Challenger was only 28Ly...from what I was told. Never saw it myself.
However, all my ships are heavily armed and armored. I'm surprised I can make long jumps at all.

Anyway, the friend I was referring to is in the Fuel Rats. BCCW used to escort them on "iffy" rescues. Never met a FDL I couldn't split in half to make change :p
Anyway, they were using a Chieftain and one other was using the Crusader. Crusader was also cheaper for some silly reason..never going to figure that one out.
Chieftain sells for 30?? 40 Mil?? And the Crusader is 20 Mil. and that was from Jameson. Going to be very different elsewhere I know.

Didn't want to buy another Chieftain...but on the other hand...Crusader might come in handy with the fighter bay. Only Medium class fighter to have one. As I'd heard it, the Python was supposed to get a refit to carry a fighter, but that never happened.

But for 20 Mil you can't go wrong with it and the jump range isn't too bad.

I'm assuming that if you went with all light weight parts and stripped down weapons and such, you might be able to squeeze some Light years out of the FTL, but I haven't been able to do it...Perhaps I just suck that bad at outfitting ships LOL :p

Wasn't able to answer in the comments on the Crusader page for some reason Meh...prolly just me mate.

Posted 3 weeks ago.

OK... after going back to Jameson I looked at both ships again, the Chieftain and the Crusader, and they are both Identical with the exception of the fighter bay for the Crusader. I knew I should have gotten a screenshot when I saw it last week, but oh well.

Chieftain is 17Mil and Crusader is 20Mil at Jameson (20% Discount at JM).
I'll Chalk that one up to being up late and being attentively bleary eyed at the time or, if you rather, User error.

The only thing different between the Chieftain and the Crusader seems to be the Tail Fin and Fighter bay.

You mates can hang me later I suppose :p

Posted 2 weeks ago.

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I did see you comment about this the other day; and I did answer but didnt see a response (however its easier to continue it here).

Both ships have a class 6 slots, just that the Chieftain comes with a shield in the 6 slot, whilst the Crusader comes with in the class 5 slot? although nothing stopping you from removing the the class 5 shield and installing a class 6 one?

The two ships arent much different, and as you said only offer a few things different. There are not the most interesting ships to cover.

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