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Threads showing 0 views

Posted 5 months ago.

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this has been an 'issue' for a while and really bothers me for some reason, i dont know why.

Obviously its not a major problem but threads always show 0 views, even ones with multiple replies.

edit: Actually It may be the way I view the forum as normal navigation doesn't show the view count. I have this page bookmarked: https://roguey.co.uk/forum/recent.php

I'll just get rid of that and use the correct link: https://roguey.co.uk/forum/recent/

Posted 5 months ago.

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Please insert pizza!
hi there, unfortunately I missed deleting /forum/recent.php the other link; /forum/recent/ is the one that should be bookmarked. I did remove views because everytime someone views a thread I would have to update the database. Not that its a big problem, but unless I track each person that views the page the count would keep increasing. If someone just kept refreshing the page, they could bump up the view count (or say a bot viewing the page would bump up the number). So I didnt really think it was a useful stat. Hope that makes sense.

ps. thanks for posting that X4 news!

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