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Claiming a sector

Posted 3 months ago.

Good day,

I have a few hours in the game now and would like to start a process of mass extermination. How do I claim conquered sectors for myself?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Posted 3 months ago.

So, I don't think it's possible to claim any sector others than the unclaimed ones and the Xenon hub (didn't try it myself but I think I saw it somewhere in the Egosoft Forum), but let's suppose that it's possible and that the process is at least similar to the assimilation of Unclaimed Sectors.
You would probably have to destroy at least the Trading Dock of the Race that owns the sector in order to put one yourself since you need your own Trading Dock/PHQ to be able to claim it. If it's not enough then you may have to destroy everything owned by the race in the wanted sector before trying to conquer it.
Once you have done all of that (destroying the trading dock/Everything and installing your own trading), you should be able to claim the sector by clicking on the Trading dock and going into Sector Control.
Again this is purely hypothetical.

Posted 1 week ago.

You can download a script to allow you to conquer sectors previously owned by other races. I am currently in the process of seeing if X3:AP scripts work in FL. If they do I hear " Improved Races" is the script you want to download and install.

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