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Ship Size Question

Posted 5 months ago.

Hello all. Pleasantly surprised to see this sub exists.

I got X3TC about a month ago and have been loving it. I played X2 for a few months several years ago but forgot about it until I saw this edition on Steam.

My question is regarding ship sizes. When you're at the shipyard, each model is listed with an S, M, or L next to its name. And depending on the letter, the price changes.

My question is: What do the sizes actually represent? The only difference I can see is the price. Max upgrades seem to be the same. I assumed at first that the more expensive models must be outfitted with better equipment, but as far as I can tell, the ship is outfitted the same whether you buy an S or an L.

I've searched the manual, egosoft's community pages, and general internet looking for an answer but can't find it.

Thanks in advance for responses.

Posted 5 months ago.

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You probably figured it out by now, but it's the equipment loadout it comes with.

S being the most basic with L being 'max'. IIRC it's mainly the shields, it will come with its max number of the largest shields it can fit. While an S loadout only comes with a single 1 MJ shield. This also applies to its fitted weapons but this is normally the highest damage energy weapons it can fit so it can be non optimal. However it can save you a lot of trouble if you just wanna buy a bunch of L ships to put in a carrier as custom outfitting a large number of ships is iffy at best.

This is also a way to circumvent equipment shortages, can take the gun or shields off a L outfit and use them elsewhere if needed since the equipment appears from thin air.

I think the offering of S/M/L is random also, you can reset it by jumping out and back then checking the shipyard again until they have Ls in stock. (i could be wrong about this, it's been a very long time since i've played TC).

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