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Terran Start?

Posted 1 month ago.

Hi, I was just wondering if X3:FL has a Terran start for story mode (hidden?). I completed the plot as a Boron and I've been playing around in the sandbox start for Terrans but got a bit disappointed when I saw that the gate to the Sol system is closed off. I really enjoyed playing as the Terran Commander in X3:AP and wanted to continue along that line. Am I out of luck or do I need to unlock something in order to play as a Terran with access to the Sol system? I know you can unlock Terran plot in story mode. Does that then allow a Terran start for story mode? If not, is there a way to reconnect the Sol gate in sandbox mode? Thanks in advance!

-descendant of Kan Onin

edit: just realized I can start as a Goner. Which is almost as good, so I'm cool even if there isn't a strictly 'Terran' start in story mode.

Posted 1 month ago.

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hi there, well looking through gamestart.xml, there appears to be two (Terran Spy, Test Pilot);

<!-- Farnham's Legacy -->
<gamestartgroup id="200" name="{1900,5011}" description="{1900,5012}" image="plotstart" gametype="{1900,6001}">
<!-- Argon Official -->
<gamestart id="201" name="{1900,5021}" description="{1900,5022}" difficulty="{1900,5023}" image="start04" plot="1" showquote="1" introvideo="8100" isrecommended="1">
<player name="{1900,5024}" species="{1900,5025}" age="{1900,5027}" money="{1900,5026}" startship="{1900,5028}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_A_M5_ADV"/>

<!-- Teladi Courier -->
<gamestart id="203" name="{1900,5041}" description="{1900,5042}" difficulty="{1900,5043}" image="start19" plot="1" isrecommended="1">
<player name="{1900,5044}" species="{1900,5045}" age="{1900,5047}" money="{1900,5046}" startship="{1900,5048}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_T_M5P_ADV"/>

<!-- Boron Scientist -->
<gamestart id="202" name="{1900,5031}" description="{1900,5032}" difficulty="{1900,5033}" image="start21" plot="1">
<player name="{1900,5034}" species="{1900,5035}" age="{1900,5037}" money="{1900,5036}" startship="{1900,5038}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_B_M4_PROTO"/>

<!-- Split Veteran -->
<gamestart id="206" name="{1900,5081}" description="{1900,5082}" difficulty="{1900,5083}" image="start22" plot="1">
<player name="{1900,5084}" species="{1900,5085}" age="{1900,5087}" startship="{1900,5086}" money="{1900,5088}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_S_M3_1"/>

<!-- Paranid Excelency -->
<gamestart id="204" name="{1900,5051}" description="{1900,5052}" difficulty="{1900,5053}" image="start24" plot="1">
<player name="{1900,5054}" species="{1900,5055}" age="{1900,5057}" money="{1900,5056}" startship="{1900,5058}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_P_M4_1"/>

<!-- Peace Seeker -->
<gamestart id="207" name="{1900,5091}" description="{1900,5092}" difficulty="{1900,5093}" image="start13" plot="1">
<player name="{1900,5094}" species="{1900,5095}" age="{1900,5097}" startship="{1900,5096}" money="{1900,5098}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_GONER"/>

<!-- Moo-Kye's Enforcer -->
<gamestart id="205" name="{1900,5061}" description="{1900,5062}" difficulty="{1900,5063}" image="start06" plot="1">
<player name="{1900,5064}" species="{1900,5065}" age="{1900,5067}" money="{1900,5066}" startship="{1900,5068}"/>
<!-- The Void eta -->
<sector x="20" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_Y_M3_PROTO"/>

<!-- Expanded Sanbox -->
<gamestartgroup id="300" name="{1900,5103}" description="{1900,5104}" gametype="{1900,6003}" image="sandbox2" requirements="65536" disabledtext="{1900,6101}">

<!-- Terran Spy -->
<gamestart id="301" name="{1900,5111}" description="{1900,5112}" difficulty="{1900,5113}" image="start18" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5114}" species="{1900,5115}" age="{1900,5117}" money="{1900,5116}" startship="{1900,5118}"/>
<!-- Gunne's Crusade -->
<sector x="7" y="11"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_USC_M4"/>

<!-- Paranid Excellency -->
<gamestart id="302" name="{1900,5121}" description="{1900,5122}" difficulty="{1900,5123}" image="start17" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5124}" species="{1900,5125}" age="{1900,5127}" money="{1900,5126}" startship="{1900,5128}"/>
<!-- Cardnials Domain 2 -->
<sector x="9" y="15"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_P_M6_ADV"/>

<!-- Jonferco Representative -->
<gamestart id="303" name="{1900,5131}" description="{1900,5132}" difficulty="{1900,5133}" image="start15" plot="0" isrecommended="1">
<player name="{1900,5134}" species="{1900,5135}" age="{1900,5137}" money="{1900,5136}" startship="{1900,5138}"/>
<!-- Belt of Aguilar -->
<sector x="18" y="9"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_R1"/>

<!-- Challanging Sanbox -->
<gamestartgroup id="400" name="{1900,5105}" description="{1900,5106}" gametype="{1900,6003}" image="sandbox1" requirements="65536" disabledtext="{1900,6101}">

<!-- Disowned Lar -->
<gamestart id="401" name="{1900,5141}" description="{1900,5142}" difficulty="{1900,5143}" image="start09" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5144}" species="{1900,5145}" age="{1900,5147}" money="{1900,5146}" startship="{1900,5148}"/>
<!-- Ocean of Fantasy 2 -->
<sector x="19" y="4"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_B_M5"/>

<!-- Duke's Smuggler -->
<gamestart id="402" name="{1900,5151}" description="{1900,5152}" difficulty="{1900,5153}" image="start28" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5154}" species="{1900,5155}" age="{1900,5157}" money="{1900,5156}" startship="{1900,5158}"/>
<!-- Lasting Vengence -->
<sector x="8" y="18"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_T_M5_P"/>

<!-- Strong Arms Gun Runner -->
<gamestart id="403" name="{1900,5161}" description="{1900,5162}" difficulty="{1900,5163}" image="start26" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5164}" species="{1900,5165}" age="{1900,5167}" money="{1900,5166}" startship="{1900,5168}"/>
<!-- Rhonkar's Trial -->
<sector x="4" y="14"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_SA_M4P"/>

<!-- NMMC Miner -->
<gamestart id="404" name="{1900,5171}" description="{1900,5172}" difficulty="{1900,5173}" image="start25" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5174}" species="{1900,5175}" age="{1900,5177}" money="{1900,5176}" startship="{1900,5178}"/>
<!-- PTNI Headquaters beta -->
<sector x="12" y="6"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_N_M3"/>

<!-- TerraCorp Test Pilot -->
<gamestart id="405" name="{1900,5181}" description="{1900,5182}" difficulty="{1900,5183}" image="start01" plot="0">
<player name="{1900,5184}" species="{1900,5185}" age="{1900,5187}" money="{1900,5186}" startship="{1900,5188}"/>
<!-- Xenon Core Sector -->
<sector x="18" y="1"/>
<ship typename="SS_SH_ADV_ASTRON"/>

Posted 1 month ago.

Hi, thanks for the reply and the info. Sadly this actually means the answer to my question is "no, there is not a Terran start for Story Mode."

I was already playing the Terran spy in Sandbox mode and the Terracorp Test Pilot is actually an Argon start in Sandbox mode. Very sad, but I ended up starting Story Mode as a Goner and I'll just progress until I unlock the Earth sectors. Also sad to see that Aldrin, Segaris, etc seem to have been completely removed. I'm loving an update to this game after all this time just sad that it seems to be a little anti-terran... (if you're wondering why it matters to me, it's that all the commonwealth factions engage in slavery while the Terrans, miraculously, do not engage in slavery. This makes Terrans the obvious good guys in the X universe.)

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