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Hi Again!

Posted 1 month ago.

Hello everyone! Seems like years (and probably is) since I last posted here. I see Baz is still about.
Well I finally made my EEE rating ... which to be fair was a bit of an anticlimax ... Where do you go from here?

Luckily my game buddy Cmdr Brading screwed up and lost all his gameplay stuff and went back to zero a few weeks back. We've now got him back up to speed pretty much where he was before except for his rankings of course which is something only he can achieve by himself.

Wing missions is the trick ... for anyone not in the know those 'mine blah blah tons of whatever' can be accomplished by buying the stuff if you hate mining with a poassion ... as I do.

Anyway, just thought I'd stick my oar back into Roguey to see how things were going. :o) Skydog1

Posted 1 month ago.

great to see u back again !!!

yep still around....whilst I am still playing the game I will always check in here to see if anything happening ....yeh it probably IS years lol.

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