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Honest opinions of Odyssey?

Posted 1 week ago.

I watched TheYamiks review of Odyssey and there wasn't a lot of good things to say about it. But what about your opinions?

I'm not that interested in the PoV shooter aspect especially if its just going to be an unbalanced mess that focuses more on who's got the best shields/guns than actual playe https://getappvalley.com/ r ability. https://tweakbox.mobi/

Posted 3 days ago.

While I don't really care about what Yamiks talks about, he's quite right.
Fact, the DLC is quite... bugged (not mentioning unopitmized as well).
And to be honest, the balance will surely be thrown outta window, because FDev never cared, never cares and never will care about this aspect.
The E:D is currently on downfall, people are escaping, because I think that everyone sees that E:D is pretty much neglected, despite the work FDev is putting to fix up the Odyssey.

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