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[X3AP] General background/lore question

Posted 5 days ago.

I feel like I'm missing something here, but how exactly did the war in X3AP get started? Does it tie into the end of X3TC (I never finished the story missions)? All you see in the intro is Saya Kho blowing up the torus thing. Is this a tie-in to X3 Reunion (which I never played)? Basically, what is the background leading up to X3AP and which games does it appear in? X3AP seems oddly lacking in providing background to the war.

Posted 4 days ago.

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Awhile ago I created a video to bid an fair well to the X-universe (After Rebirth the x-universe was in a dire place). I put together all the games, with narrition. This will probably explain the history better than posting words Smile

The video goes upto X3TC era (Argons meet Terran - people from Earth). In X3AP Saya Kho blows up the Earth Torus and causes all out war between the Terrans and Argons.

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