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X3LU-Mayhem some more questions

Posted 1 day ago.

I see lot of questions popping up on Mayhem on this subject of which one is mine and since I got such good advice last time, I came back to give a little update on my progress and then ask even more questions.

I have been playing Mayhem for 34 hours now since last wednesday evening so by now I'm dreaming menu's and scrolling through life with the arrow keys, home/end and page up/down. Since I still have to work fulltime it has been quite a bit. I'm having so much fun and it been a long time since I'm really looking forward to playing a game.

My progression so far: My threat is 6 and the next and third OCV is 14hours away. I own 3 sectors(Unknown Gamma, Bluish Snot and Shore of Infinity). The last one only has a sanc and research station so far. Other 2 are full. I have 33 DA, 28 UT and my fleet is 11xM6(without my Springblossom) and 3 TM with each 4xM3. I also have an unequiped Minotaur since I have no missile production. I'm putting all my research into a M7 Raven. Only found out that stations could work on one research at the same time yesterday evening. Game time is 2days 11hours

Now for some questions :-)

Does my progression seem fine? Or am I terribly behind? It doesn't feel like I am.

How do blueprints work, I dock a ship with the required specs at a sanc and then save it as a blueprint? It seems to get the ship extentions for free but not the weapons and shields unless the dock holds them.

Ascension seems to be a pain. I had it on level 4 and failed one where I had to have 2 factions at 7. Now I took a new one for 1 threat and now I need permanent war with 2 factions. Should I focus on them later on?

My story progression seems to be stuck. I had a message telling me to get 100 points with a company and one told me to visit the Goners. When I go to Goner space nothing happens and docking a random factory din't do anything. Should I do something there? Same for the companies, they seem to be lategame because doing things for them will always piss off another race if I understand correctly. Any tips on how to continue here and get the plot going?

Any tips on how to get a MLCC going? I have a mccallum with my M6 and TM in there but quit lost on what it can do for me. Now it only refuels and repairs are done at the sactuary anyway. TM's don't even seem to be supported by MLCC. Or am I to early?

Any tips on ship outfitting. I now just slap on any gun I can find with trying to stick to the highest class possible. I'm not using missiles at all.

Once more, thanks in advance!

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