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Posted 4 months ago.

Is their a reputation mod for FL that works with the latest version yet?

If anyone is building one can you add a boron 200mj shield factory and a 25mj Paranid shield factory to the starting sectors?

Posted 3 months ago.

Getting frustrated every time I look into a mod for this people just talk about changing files. I'm not that tech competent haven't even used a mod in a while and I forget things. Can someone point me to a simple mod or walk me through (very thoroughly) changing files?

I have quit this game like 3 times getting frustrated with the rep swinging wildly, then restating cause I still enjoy the gameplay, I just want a 90% trading game with a fight occasionally (mostly boarding). Don't want to leave the starting sector without changing this mess and I have already built up over 130m credits a couple m7 a handful of m6s all the Paranid and pirate ship extensions and about 80 blueprints trying to decide what to do for a rep mod.

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