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Posted 1 month ago.

I know this site isn't getting much in the way of updates except to keep the content fresh, but this site supports space games, the inky black of deep space. So many of us have this site open on a second monitor while we play one or another of these games. Would be amazing to update this site with a Dark skin.

Also this site should probably add Star Citizen soon since that game is starting to turn a corner. As it approaches an actual beta where folks will stop losing their content willy nilly with alpha updates, the stats will become more static.

Honestly this site is so helpful that you could add a single or two banner ads and get enough revenue off it to make it worth your while to keep maintaining it. You could make them very low key so as not to be disruptive. Thanks for maintaining this site for so long! I've gotten endless use out of it!

Posted 1 month ago.

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hi there, thanks for your kind words. There is a dark mode which you can use by going into your home section, colour-scheme and select dark theme. I probably need to update it but I cant seem to get it how I like (im not sure why but it doesnt look right to me).

I did do a Star Citizen site ages ago, but I couldnt really add much content at the time (that other sites had). I ran it for a few months, then closed it. To be honest I havnt really been following Star Citizen much.

As for ads, I tend not to put too many - I know people dont really like them but they do help keep things running (the site is on a paid host). I usally disable ads for anyone who donates.

Anyway, many thanks,

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