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Posted 1 month ago.

I just got Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude in the Steam sales and starting my X3 experience with Terran Conflict first.

My question is - are there any solutions to jaggy/aliased stations in the distance? I think the game looks great but the jaggies are terrible on my setup. I want to set the best graphics I can before jumping into the game and wanted to research this first.

I have maxed all anti-aliasing and filtering in the game's graphic options, I have a decent rig and maxing the games graphics I still get nice FPS. The jaggies remain though, I have tried forcing all the various 3d settings options in the Nvidia control panel and some make the game look better but even with all maxed the distant stations are heavily aliasing.Everything up close looks great though. router login 192.168.l.l
Are there any graphics mods to combat this or has anyone forced external AA from another program like ENB etc? Or does everyone just accept the jaginess? I have searched the official forum and most posts about the issue are a few years old and hoping people have found solutions in the mean time.

The game (from my little gameplay so far) seems nice and deep and either way I will be getting stuck in once I settle on the best graphics settings I can have.

Thanks in advance!

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