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Posted 2 weeks ago.


Just bought X4 with all DLCs.

Which scenario (Prebuilt or custom) is the best that will give me the largest number of sectors and is it possible to have all content (Wares, ship and equipment) from all DLCs in the one you choose?

The ego sfot x4 wiki seems like its very incomplete, is there a site somewhere were I can get a complete guide of all ships from all DLCs, equipment etc?

Thanks in advance

Posted 1 week ago.

The game starts (I assume this is what you mean with scenarios) are all different in settings and in your characters race. There also are differences in the story missions which are available at the start.
But: All game starts allow playing of all story missions!

As a fairly new player (started a year before, never played one of the older games (X2, X3,...)) I recommend the 'Young Gun' start. If you want to have complete freedom, this is your start.

On the other hand, if you want a bit of introduction and tutorial, use one of the Terran Starts. Avoid the newer Avarice Starts, because they become quite complicated. IMHO it is either the 'Young Gun' start, which is simplest, and has no hand-holding, or the Terran start, which has a lot of hand-holding for a short while, but gives you freedom to do what you like soon after.

But in the end it does not matter, because it all condenses down to receiving your Headquarter (this is actually a very nice story mission), and start to build from there. There are lots of other story missions, which you can do, but nobody forces you to do them, so you can ignore them safely. But first you should learn the game, fly a bit, do simple missions, and so on.

So - it does not really matter how you begin, you will always be able to have all the content. To have the largest number of sectors - I saw a screenshot of a player who had literally the entire X universe, he owned every sector. But for what? You gain nothing. A own sector can be done fairly early in the game, but why have a lot of sectors? The game has not predefined objective, no real endgame. It is a sandbox game, and you decide what you want to do, and which objectives you have. There are some very expensive and complex things in the game, which will take a long while to do. Terraforming comes to mind.

If you just want to see 'the entire content' - you will. It will take time, but it is possible with any game start.

If you want to see the ships, equipment and so - just explore this site, many things are here!

Also I recommend Youtube - there are a lot of clips and beginners guides, from different channels, here is one of them:

The game manual is a bit lacking and the Wiki too, but still you can find some gems in the wiki, and the manual covers the basics. The official forums are a source of information too, and questions you may have will be answered.

The game has no fixed line of development, no story line, no end objective. You are completely free to do what you want. If you just want to fly around, trade a bit, fight a bit, you can do so. If you want to become rich very fast - possible. If you want to build a station - just collect the money and do so. You can experiment, you can sell every ship (if done right with little loss) and buy a new one, you can dismantle stations (except your HQ) again, if they do not work as you planned (and you will keep the building materials). Just play around, experiment, there is no 'right' way to play.

A bit of clarification at the end: The game always offers 'Missions', these mission appear if you fly near stations. Missions are a way to gain reputation with factions and earn money.
And then there a 'Story Mission', these are mission which potentially changes something in the universe, and in some cases even can shift alliances between factions. For example, to be able to do Terraforming you will have to do a Story Mission for a faction. To receive this Story Mission you will need to the Story Mission for you HQ first. So doing a Story Mission will open up further Story Missions. But you can do these Story Missions at any point, you can pause every Story Mission, so there is no pressure with these missions.

Also - if you are new to the game, do not use the 'Custom Game Start'. You need to learn a lot of things about the game, the factions and the X galaxy before using this, it can totally ruin your game if used wrong. Just use one of the offered game starts, which you like best. It does not matter which you use, some may be a bit harder than others, but in the end you always have access to everything the game offers, every Story Mission, and the complete content.

Example: Using the 'Young Gun" start you have neutral reputation with ANT, Argon and Teladi. The Terrans do not trust you and while they won't shoot at your ships or station, you are unable to land at their stations and you cannot trade with them. The same goes for the Split race. But you can do a lot of things to improve your reputation with them. With the Terran start you have good relations with the Terrans - but all other factions do not really trust you.

So - just jump in, you cannot select the 'wrong' game start. The most important thing is, that you like the game setting at the start - everything else is up to you. You can become friendly with every faction, except the Xenon and the Khaak. It may take a while, but it is possible. Being friendly with a faction opens up the possibility to buy their ships, to trade with them and so on.

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