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Posted 2 weeks ago.

Hi all,

I picked up X3TC in a humble bundle, and it looks to be a great game. But a vast game, which is scaring me a bit! I've looked through this subreddit for guides and hints, and the sheer number of acronyms and detail is crazy. Well, for a noob anyway.

A few questions:

I'm a trader, I have my Mercury, and so far I've just been exploring and buying/selling. I have 200k. Where should I go next? I've read about automated trading, buying a combat ship, an eventual factory/mine, mining etc. I tried mining but it seemed to be clumsy and take a lot of time.

Automated trading - apparently I need mk3 trading software for 500k. But after that, how automated is it? Can I equip it to a ship, and just set it on it's way? Tell it to buy and sell completely automatically, or do I still need to micromanage at every step of the way?

I see there are lots of mods available for the game - should I just stick with vanilla X3TC before perhaps playing with others?

They are the three main questions I have at the moment, which should help me progress a little. Thanks!

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