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Posted 1 month ago.

I decided to get this game (and X3) because they seem like almost perfect space games but I have couple of questions that are still bugging me:

1.Are there gonna be more expansions/content coming in future?

2.How is overall balance of ships? Do they suffer from what I like to call assassin's creed syndrome which means few of them being superior to the rest thus making others obsolete (please no ship names, I'd would like to discover it myself when I get the game)

3.How many ships are there in a game? Too many, too few or just right amount?

4.Do patches bring some free stuff to the table or do they just fix issues and overall balancing? How often does the game gets updated?

5.I've heard Xenon can overtake the sectors as the game progresses. Can other races do this as well?

6.Why are ships not categorized into classes anymore like in X3? Is this actually good or bad?

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