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Posted 1 month ago.

I’ve been intermittently checking on SC since the start if last decade, I remember the excitement of the demo videos and the subsequent wane of interest as the game entered its own special development hell.

Yesterday a Youtube video popped up of someone jumping into SC and I followed their short but insane adventure into Robert’s space.

To my surprise the game looked like it was taking form, even if it was very much an alpha buggy release.

So I jumped in today, and after a few hours of tweaking graphics settings and finding my way through alien cities it all began to click.

The exact moment when I began to smile widely was descending from a space station to pick up my first delivery on planet. As the atmosphere gave way to gravity and space disappeared above the clouds, I realised I’d just experienced a landmark gaming moment.

I can see this game has a while to go, but the lofty goals they’ve set themselves will create a truly monumental game… if it’s ever completed.

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