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Xperimental shuttle

Posted 9 years ago.

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So, I've been reading around a bit, and found quite a few topics, some suggest (or say), they got the Xperimental shuttle in X3R. So....is it real? is it there? can I see it?

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Posted 9 years ago.

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I just checked it and it does actually work in X3 - it has to be summoned via a script, here what it looks like:


Looks rather old now eh? came from the first X game.

Posted 9 years ago.

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i had seen that ship once while i was looking through a ship creator, checking out new ships from a mod. i'd never seen one flying around, and when i summoned it it didn't fit in with any of the other ship models.

i never new the story behind it, but both X2 and X3R have this ship. so this is the one ship that you get to fly in the first X game? i wonder why the developers put it in the other games?

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Posted 8 years ago.

From what I've read, it is NOT in the vanilla X3R.

For that reason alone I tend to use it as the modding/altering Tship file choice platform test bed (testing out ridiculas changes etc). Not likely to encounter or find another pilot in one.

As for the outdated look, well, heads turn when they see a vintage Rolls Royce go by.

It is however in X3TC. . . somehow, somewhere.

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