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Posted 3 weeks ago.

This has been something that's been bothering me since X4 was released. The scale of everything is just completley off

X3 had huge imposing capital class ships, where the idea of docking 40 fighters makes sense, cause they would fit.

X4 everything is just too small to fulfil it's role, Coupled with the need to have a walkable cockpit means that all the Fighters are Scaled up to be too large. The Discover from X3 was my favorite design, small and sleek, just couldn't work in X4.

Fighters landing on a carrier looks silly, the Tokyo is a good example of it. 40 fighters? where? where are they hiding? they go into the landing bay and vanish from existence? and 10 M's? Could fit 2 max, one inside and one on the bay.

Frigates just look stupid because they can't get any larger without stepping on the toes of L size ships, but look so completely dumb being essentially the SIZE of a landing pad.

First time I loaded up X3, that Argon one felt imposing and beautiful, all the capital ships did. For X4 everything is so scaled down it honestly feels unrealistic for what they are supposed to be capable of.

I realise that it's far too late in the game to make changes to this now... but Still... it annoys me.

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