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Posted 1 week ago.

Hello there, Hope you all are fine.
I have been happily robbing the Terrans blind with Cobra M7, using Boarding Pods to abscond with the goodies. I was enjoying it so much that I decided to go get more Boarding Pods so I could try a Xenon I. All went well until I checked the Encyclopedia & there were no factories that produced them. Can not seem to find any available at the locations that supposedly sell them so I have to ask...

Do Boarding Pods just randomly appear in certain stations over time?

Is there a way to improve the odds or speed up the appearance of Boarding Pods?

Is there any other way of acquiring Boarding Pods?

Will my poor marines be reduced to a fine meat paste on the side of a robot death machine as a result of my piratical actions previously?

There might be a script out there that fixes the issue of them appearing (if there even is an issue) but I'd only resort to scripts as a last resort.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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