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Posted 1 week ago.


I'm new to this and the entire space sim genera. I bought X-R in hope that I can actually have fun. I tried the campaign but I did not like it so I went to free mode. I did not understand what the hell I'm doing, what is my goal, what can I do and can't do?

I gave myself billions of credit so I can buy everything and hope to understand the game, but I could not Cry.

Here are my Questions to help you help me:

1- In Free mode what is my goal?

2- I hear all about buying new ships but I don't think it is possible for me to fly one, just build ships to follow me around and do some limited stuff. Is that true?

3- There is only 5 rockets, and around 6-7 main guns that I could find, is that it?

4- Can I build actual stations and such?

5- How can I take over an entire zone? I go there destroy everything but..hmm nothing happens.

6- Reputation? why should I care?

7- I really have no clue what is going on.

Posted 1 week ago.


iam a veteran player to series, maybe i can answer these questions to your satisfaction:

1. The game series is based on 4 fundamental principles, trade, fight, build and think. In free game there is no definitive goal. You self decide what you want to achieve.
2. Contrary to the other games of the series, you can only fly one ship, the albion skunk. There is one mod in an early stage, that makes it possible to fly a few ships.
3. Basically yes, but there are some mods that increase this number.
4. Yes. Shipyards offer construction ships, which can build stations at specific locations.
5. In Vanilla you cant. But i believe there is a mod, that offers this option.
6. Because you wont be attacked by certain factions and get access to their products and services. Doesnt work with some inherently hostile factions.
7. Than ask more precise what you dont understand.

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