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Got script/ideas you want implemented?

Posted 10 years ago.

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Hello everyone!
I'm starting scripting stuff for X3 Reunion, and while at it, I've got a lot of ideas of my own, thing I think should be implemented, things I'm missing etc.
Well, I know you folks got ideas of your own, and maybe don't want to make a full fledged thread about it, just give an opinion or idea.
Now here is your chance, write here what you'd like to see implemented, and if it can be done, and feels like a good idea, I'm gonna give it a shot Big grin

Burn rubber, not your soul!
Posted 9 years ago.

Has anyone ever created a TARDIS for the X'verse?

I mean going from the episodes it has no weapons but has tractored a planet around.
It doesn't fly through normal space that fast but it could be a energy free jumper.
Wouldn't be much bigger than an Astronaut and comes with the snazzy flashing blue police light on top.
It's cargo capacity though would be great as "it's bigger on the inside".

Time lords as a one planet seperate race? Daleks? Sontar? Siccarack? Juddoon?

Sorry sidetracking.

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