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[Suggestion] Convoy and Escort Missions

Posted 8 years ago.

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TYPE: BBS mission
AVAILABLE: Everyone except khaak, xenon. Goner special variant.
You look through the BBS board, and see someone's looking for pilots to escort a convoy, or a ship somewhere. I bet you're interested.

This one might be a tad more complicated, but the idea is to have a variety of convoy and escort missions around. The Goner get theirs too...just with a twist.


Cargo Delivery Escort:
One ship to protect. It has to travel from the current sector to another sector, and dock at a station, without being destroyed. Simple as that.

VIP Escort:
One TP ship to protect. It's going to dock in one of the "core" sectors somewhere...just get it there in one piece.

Cargo Convoy Mission:
A Convoy of a couple TS ships needs protection. You're allowed to lose an amount of the ships on the Journey (1 in 5). Up to 20 ships. Escort is over when they dock.

VIP Convoy Mission:
A couple (1-7) TP class ships, traveling from sector A to sector B. Simple huh? Well, if you loose one ship the mission is a complete failure, and you loose lot's of recognition with the race the ship is from.

Station Escort Mission:
1-3 TL's. Sector A to Sector B. They set up 1 stations in the final sector. when the station is set, the TL's jump home and you get the reward.

Race Station Escort Mission:
Same as before, but better paid, more dangerous, and you can loose heaps of recognition for failure.

Goner Variants:
Only the VIP and Cargo convoy/escort missions for them. The trick here is, you're not allowed to actually kill ANYONE during the mission. You can attack them, but not destroy.

Reward System:
The longer the travel, the higher the pay.
The more enemies spawned the higher the pay.
Enemy sectors pay a "bonus" (no, you don't get to circumvent that xenon sector!).
Race notoriety is given for VIP missions and Race Station Missions.

Enemy System:
Enemies, might or might not appear somewhere along the route. They might just "jump in" cutting your way, or wait for you somewhere.
The enemy force is to be proportional to your fight rank and the ships you have in the sector where the attack happens and surrounding sectors. VIP escorts get more enemies. Race station missions might get a real fight force (upto and including 4xM6+), so do VIP convoys.

This missions are deliberately HARD. And I have no intent on making them easy.

I totally forgot before, but why be only on the protecting side always?
Every one of this missions, would have also the opposite possibility, e.g. you BEING the attack force!
Yes, you loose recognition for the race you attacked, but you get a lot more from the race you attacked for.

Burn rubber, not your soul!
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