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[Suggestion] Assasination Missions

Posted 8 years ago.

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I've posted about this before, but cleaning up stuff means doing it again. And doing it right this time. Ok...so you got your basic Assassination missions from ego. Let's leave those in for...well whoever wants them. But let's give those who want a bit more, something more fun.

TYPE: BBS Mission
AVAILABLE:Everyone, but with tricks
Summary:Complete overhaul of the assassination missions.


A spy has been identified. He's trying to flee in a M5/M4 towards the nearest sector of his race. The spy is not enemy to you, you get a ship ID, and the last known location. Get him, and kill him! You will lose rep. with the race from which the spy originated. But the reward ain't bad. If you fail you get some serious trouble, but a increase in rep. with the spy's race.

Politics are never easy, and the X-universe is no exception. You might get approached by a shady figure, asking you to kill a politician which is just on the way to a meeting. You're given a ship ID, the last known sector and the final sector. Get him, and great rewards await you, fail to do it, and you will find yourself a target. The ship is not hostile to you, and once you've attacked it, you loose the rep.

Secret Assassination:
Same as execution, just pays less. You have to attack the ship in an enemy ship (the races enemy ship). This way you don't loose recognition (they think it was the enemy), but you get attacked as soon as you open fire on it (secret service protection).

Pirate/Yaki Warlord in Need of Elimination:
The pirate/yaki is traveling in M6/M6+/M2/M1. Full protection detail. Get him, and your rep. with the race goes up WAY high, so does your bank account.

They Stole WHAT?!:
A radical group managed to steal a group of ships (M6 and up. Upto 8 ships in total). The goverment asks you to get them. Don't leave any survivors.

Clean Up:
Those darn yaki/pirates have decided to take another sector. Fortunately it's one of the empty non-race sectors. But this goverment had plans for that sector. Go in and clean it up. (enemy forces of up to 3 M2, 1 M1, full protection detail).

Reward System
Obviously if you fail...you lose reputation, and possibly your life. If you manage to get this missions done, the rewards are quite high (up to 10M credits, and rep boost).

Burn rubber, not your soul!
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