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Profitable Stations (again)  

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bozo64r Level badge

Posted 9 years ago.
If anybody needs help finding places to put profitable stations here is my list;
Solar Power Plant -- Kingdom End
Solar Power Plant -- Ore Belt
Ore Mine -- Gestu Fune <-- There is a ore asteroid with a yield of 96!!!
Ore Mine -- Ore Belt
Ore Mine -- Spring Of Belief <-- Yield of 46
Silicon Mine -- Ore Belt
Ore Mine-- Priest's Pity

I am also have a Alpha PPC Forge in Argon Prime can anybody tell me if this is any good Smile

Does anybody else know any profitable stations? Deal

bozo64r Level badge

Posted 9 years ago.
nobody know any?
TechnoVin Level badge

Posted 8 years ago.
I only have a ore mine in Ore Belt and a Ore Mine in Omicron Lyrae with PPC forge they give good profit but I manly use Teladi Vultures with Section Traders.
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bozo64r Level badge

Posted 8 years ago.
I have not tried that, I will not bother writing what I have now, it is too long a list. I am happy as I have it so i don't need to worry about a thing, all I like doing it collecting the money, cause of the immense amount of stations, (most I have in one sector is 7 inc PHQ) I am on about 3.4billion credits now, (that's just my account not with the stations credits) I normally leave it until about 100million credits before I come and take 90% off a station.

It's funny, i still roam around in my Taladi Osprey, with it's Gamma Shockwave things and HEPT on the other turrets, and I can quickly switch to HEPTs in my front weapons for ships to ship combat, I also have about 15 Caps roaming various sectors and 3 more docked at my PHQ with energy for jumpdrives ready in case I need help defending one of my stations, one of them is on a Xenon border, that is under attack a lot, I have started to put laser towers down, and added a second cap patrolling the sector. My empire is HUGE.....

I have protocol when someone attacks my station, if they post a threat that could destroy the stations (Xenon/Khaak caps) I jump to the sector then jump in my defense fleet, and my list of priorities is;

1) Transfer credits off station (first as always)
2) Un-dock all ships at stations transporting most amount of cargo possible to them,
3) ATTACK!!!! (there is normally no need to further)
4) If my forces are broken through I retreat, use the station as cannon fodder and get the hell outta there, and lose the station.

It never normally gets to #4 but when it does I do go back and try and finish them off.

There you go some pointless info to read Smile

RandomTank Level badge

Posted 7 years ago.
Wheat farm in The Wall! Almost guaranteed profit! Also Teladianium Foundries in Atreus' Clouds can be profitable. Best profit source I found is Drone Factories in Family Pride (or anywhere else with a plentiful supply of Massom Powder!) But never buy Argon or Boron Drone Factories! They still need Massom for some stupid reason! I don't know about Paranid or Teladi ones....
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jjhawk Level badge

Posted 6 years ago.
Years since I played x2, but I can assure you that paranid foods sell for max price around Gestu Fune area as no ships can get across the xenon sectors..
RolanDecoy Level badge

Posted 5 years ago.
Haven't experienced an attack that posed a serious threat to my stations yet. Any attack usually damages the shields slower than they can recharge, and after about 15 minutes (real-time) all attacking ships are destroyed by sector patrols or pilot stupidity (crashing into the shields), the latter usually only happens when your in the same sector.

Isolated sectors are generally a good way to make a profit supplying vital resources, meaning foods, naturals and minerals. Basically anything that requires only 1 resource for production, with the exception of a Crystal Fab (for closed circuit cell production) and food processing (Cahoona Bakery for instance).

SeanWarrenSmith Level badge

Posted 4 years ago.
Scruffin Fruit Factory in The Hole
borongargler Level badge

Posted 3 years ago.
family pride chelt aquareum sell meat chelts to rastar refinery 100 plus credits a pop in serctors 0 or 1 jumps

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