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My introduction

Posted 9 years ago.

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Hi there everyone, my name is Brian, A.K.A Bertrum Smile

I'm into games such as Skyrim, Fifa, DragonBall Z and Halo Big grin I have an XBOX 360 & the Kinect, though I find the Kinect pointless, I haven't used it since last year Big grin

Anyway I don't have much more to say really, other than see you all around the forums Smile

Posted 9 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
Hey there Brian, welcome to the site. Wave

Ive not played them games myself, although Skyrim looks interesting. What's it about?

as for the kinect, same for me with the PS move I could see me using a few times then not at all. Its a good idea, but waving your hands and other body parts does get boring after awhile. Just easier pushing a small stick up and down.

Anyway, enjoy your stay Smile

Posted 9 years ago.

Welcome to the forum Brian Smile

Not a Skyrim fan myself, tryed it but the FPS ( let's read that as first person slashing lol ) isn't really my thing, more of a War in the north man myself for those types of games Smile

Enjoy your stay, if you need anything help or have any questions, feel free to ask.

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