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Hey! I need this 8 Characters Long and My name is Cal

Posted 9 years ago.

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My name is Cal. I've been an avid gamer since the Glory days of playing Quake 2 online. Back then msn gaming zone was the sheeit (before all the advertisements and changes happened to it) I'm surprised however, to see rogue made a bot for the game. I can't remember Lee bot. I do remember encountering one. I just asked in chat; "Are you a bot?" and the reply I got was actually from the bot saying; "Yes I am ***** bot version ****" I don't remember the fine details. That was about 13 years ago.. Damn we could reminisce about the past Rogue! fov 120, "The edge" map, straffing in the water for the railgun so it doesn't make a sound alerting anyone.

After that I played Eve for about 7 years (with 3 accounts). I was in a corporation, which was most of the players from Beta Eve (which I won't mention the corps name hush hush). I found the game to be enjoyable, until CCP was Caught with Corruption. Not sure how familiar you guys are with eve, but allot of the higher end players were in Low sec space. Eve is more of; training skills, time based. Doesn't matter if your logged in or not. Your skills are still being trained (Obviouslly the people who've been playing the game the longest, have the most skills trained). Anyways, Low sec (low security) means No protection from NPC ships or laws to follow, I guess is the best way to put it. Major corporations (like the one i was in) were constantly fighting over territories (sectors). the CCP (eve company) was internationally feeding lost ships to some corporations during some of the major wars (Aiding the enemy! well my enemy lol). Not only that, there were allot of wrongful bans and account suspensions as well to aid "those" corporations. After all that cynical BS, my friends and I just left. Can't fight the Big companies I suppose.

I am also all about C&C. Back when westwoods made the game great, and EA just bombed the franchise. This is where I stop talking about games Wink

I guess so far this is more about what I play lol.

I've done "some" scripting for games. I've done some Pixel artistry. I've done basically all I could to take up time. To bad you guys don't have a skype thing going on, or voip Wink I'm more of a talker than a typer; As you can see by the the long drawn out game life stories. I'm like Abraham Simpson. Once you start talking to me. I'll follow you around telling you stories no matter where you go lol

First impression means everything!. Anyways its late here, I should be dead by now. I've been up all night.

On another note. I'd love to get some arcade game action, however, it states I should be logged in on the top? I am logged in the site. I'm a bit confused..?


Love the site, and judging by all the topics on the forum, I love you all. Same taste as me!

Posted 9 years ago.

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hi there,

well it was a long time ago since I worked on my Quake 2 mod. The bot was just one thing that I did in it, I also tried to improve the interface and add new features (such as darkmatch) and MBM (like assault mode on Unreal Tournament). The mod was supported by PlanetQuake a long time ago, mod is avaiable on this site here (although I know Quake2 is very old game now).

I never got into Eve - although I think some of the other guys here have. That's the one with monthly fees?

You not the only one feeling that EA screwed over CnC - its shame where its gone. Westwood built up some amazing games over the years. Its surprising to see how quickly EA as destroyed it.

as for the arcade, you will need to be level 1 or higher, but you are now level 2. So you should have access to it, plus a reward in My home.

Love the site, and judging by all the topics on the forum, I love you all. Same taste as me!
- Relicalchaos

Always great to hear, although hopefully ur stay around for awhile. As you can understand I seen a lot of people come and go, which is a big shame. Welcome again Smile

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