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New noob here

Posted 9 years ago.

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I'm a new player and don't really know how this game is played. Any help?

Posted 9 years ago.

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Hi and welcome to the site Alvin

Which game are you playing? as there are a few Smile

Posted 9 years ago.

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Hi AlvinSharper. Allot of beginners use This as a reference.

X3 Guides and walkthroughs

Try and stick with just the guides on TC or AP (If your playing X3TC or X3AP). Patches and updates could make some of these tips, obsolete. But still, allot can help you along your way.

I also recommend in particular

daviddowner Walkthrough Video Tutorial Series

But again, use as a basic guideline along the way. Most of your other questions, can probably be answered through a google search= X3tc "Insert question or topic here" or X3ap "Insert question or topic here". Even if your playing x3AP, its still a fairly new game, and allot of people are now just now switching from TC to AP.

If you can't find an answer to your question, Then I highly recommend asking here on these forums, or on Egosoft Main Forums. Just make sure you post your question to the pertaining topic. But for the most part, almost all of your questions can be posted On the X-universe section

Also you might wanted to browse around Some Abrevations. Don't get discouraged that there seems to be allot of information to the game, but in all honesty, you'll pick it up pretty fast. As far as the abrevations, You don't have to "study" Roll eyes lol You'll pick up the abrevations over time. I just included the link, so that when you do come across some forum posts, You'll be able to understand some of the X3 Slang we use.

Don't hesitate to ask any other questions you might have Wink

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