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Posted 8 years ago.

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Have been playing x3 reunion with Rogueys mod for a while now but cant seem to get the mission for the themis. I meet all the criteria in the help section, i have one mission on my bbs still open it could be this if so have lost mission info,guess what i need is a walkthrough if there is one.
Have completed all missions and have even built a squadron of five Stone titans to clear those khaak sectors, just seems a shame i cant get the themis . wold just like to say this mod is great fun.

Posted 8 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
hi there, hopefully your still enjoying the mod Smile

I think (if I can remmeber) the chance of seeing the BBS is rather low, after meeting the conditions. You must land on an Argon station, within 1 jump from President's End and own an HQ for the quest to unlock. Hopefully you will see it sooner or later.

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